Have you seen Canuck? Famous crow reported missing from Vancouver neighbourhood

Have you seen Canuck? Famous crow reported missing from Vancouver neighbourhood
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Canuck the Crow has not been seen since Friday.

Vancouver’s infamous Canuck the Crow has been missing for several days.

Shawn Bergman, Canuck’s human “friend” who runs social media account for the crow, posted a Facebook video Monday asking for people to keep an eye out for the bird.

“Canuck has not been seen since Friday afternoon,” Bergman said in the video.

“I am extremely worried about him. This is not like him. He has not gone off on any multiple-day ventures for over two years.”


Posted by Canuck and I on Monday, September 2, 2019

The East Vancouver crow gained international attention after he stole a knife from a crime scene in 2016. He’s also known for breaking into a McDonald’s, a gig at the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) and riding the SkyTrain. He starred in a children’s storybook and a short documentary.

Canuck & I

HERE IT IS!!! I hope you all enjoy it. :-)Meet Canuck – a wild crow who formed an unlikely bond with his human friend, Shawn. The mischievous crow has captured the hearts of Vancouverites and garnered global attention through his antics

Posted by Canuck and I on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

In July, he became a federally protected bird. He has an orange and metal band on his legs.

I’m having a really hard time believing he’s just out there being a crow,” Bergman said.

“He tends to stick to the area. So I’m pretty worried about him.”

Canuck and his mate Cassier had a nest full of hatchlings earlier this year.

“She keeps calling to him and not getting any result,” Bergman said, adding that Cassier has been sitting on power lines in the back alley and going out to trees in the front of the street.

“And I keep whistling and I keep getting no result.”

Anyone who sees Canuck is asked to send a picture or message to Bergman’s Facebook page “Canuck and I.” . Bergman also said in the video that anyone who may have taken the bird should just let him go.

“He’s family and I miss him. I just want him to come home,” an emotional Bergman said.


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