Harbour Air’s electric float plane project gets $1.6M boost

Harbour Air's electric float plane project gets $1.6M boost
Harbour Air
The all-electric aircraft taxing on the water.

Harbour Air is getting a financial boost from the provincial government in its bid to decarbonize aviation.

The province announced it would invest nearly $1.6 million from its Clean BC Go Electric Advanced Research and Commercialization Program.

“That’s going toward Harbour Air’s conversion of an existing aircraft fully electrically powered,” said Randy Wright, president of Harbour Air Group.

“We hope now by turning our focus from the reduction of emissions to zero emissions we can continue to lead the world in clean technology. This funding is imperative to help us to do that and show other companies across all sectors how investing in innovation can result in commercial success.”

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In 2019, the float plane airline successfully launched the world’s first all-electric commercial aircraft.

The company says it hopes to have passengers on board their new electric plane by the end of 2022.

The cost to convert a plane to all-electric is roughly $4 million. The project will create 21 new jobs.

The company has also purchased an electric, zero-emission shuttle bus to pick up and drop off passengers between Harbour Air’s Vancouver and Richmind terminals and the Vancouver International Airport.


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