‘Grinch’ cuts down church Christmas tree in Courtenay

WatchThe 8-foot fir tree was going to be cut down, decorated and put up inside Faith Lutheran Church in Courtenay. However, someone cut it down before they could, and stole it.

An eight-foot fir tree that stood near the front steps of Faith Lutheran Church in Courtenay was allegedly cut down and stolen by someone late Saturday or early Sunday.

“Unfortunately on Sunday morning we came and discovered it was gone,” said Pastor Tim Rumsch. “It looks like someone used a hatchet to cut it down. It looks like a beaver chewed it off so it took a little effort with a hatchet to get it down.”

The tree was getting too big for the spot next to the building so Pastor Rumsch decided this would be the year they’d cut it down and use it as the church Christmas tree inside.

They were going to cut it down last Friday but decided to wait, never thinking the ‘Grinch’ would get to it first.

“Shock, surprise and I guess maybe the best way to say it is just a little disheartening,” added Pastor Rumsch.

He says it could have been a lot worse.

“They could have burned the church down but they didn’t so that’s good,” he said, tongue in cheek.

The church is at the corner of 17th Street and McPhee Avenue.

News of the theft travelled fast and Tuesday morning the owner of a local Christmas tree farm said he wanted to help.

“As soon as I heard a fellow church had had some challenges I thought the right thing would be to step forward and offer our support for them in this time of year,” said Mike Day, owner of Doveside Tree Farm and a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Adding insult to injury, the thieves also stole Christmas lights from a nearby tree on the church property.

Dean StoltzDean Stoltz

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