‘I thought he was going to die’: Victims of double stabbing in Sooke share video

‘I thought he was going to die': Victims of double stabbing in Sooke share video

WARNING: Graphic video and description of violence

Videos sent to CHEK News show the moment two young men were stabbed multiple times as they got off a bus in Sooke on Saturday.

One recording was shot from the victim’s point of view. In a bus full of people, a young man lunges at the person shooting the video, making several jabbing motions.

Next, you hear screams.

“I don’t know how big the knife was, but I was hit three times in the back, and three in my right arm before my buddy came and saved my life,” 17-year-old Cameron Martin told CHEK News.

Another video, which was taken by a friend according to Cameron’s mom, captures the angle from behind, right before Cameron’s friend Nyke Dent says he intervened.

“If I didn’t do anything, I thought he was going to die, so that’s why I went out to go help him, and then I started getting stabbed as well,” said Dent.

“For nine hours I wondered if he was going to make it or not,” said Dent’s mom, Sheri Bilik.

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Both young men suffered several stab wounds. For Cameron, the knife slipped between his ribs, puncturing a lung and severing an artery

“He bled out into his chest cavity three different times the first night and had to have blood transfusions until they could stop the internal bleeding,” said Amber LaLonde, Cameron’s mother.

Prior to the attack, the two friends say they’d been criticizing the 21-year-old suspect for allegedly dating an underage girl.

Both victims claim they don’t know the alleged attacker personally, but RCMP believe they were known to each other.

“We’re still investigating the relationship between all the parties involved. And that’s why it’s really important if people have information to contact the Sooke detachment,” said Staff Sgt. Greg Wilcocks with the Sooke RCMP.

A 21-year-old suspect was arrested close by shortly after the attack. Mounties say they expect Crown to approve charges soon.

Both young men’s parents say it’s not the first time they’ve feared for their children’s safety in Sooke.

“It went from a safe place where you could let your kids play outside and go out and enjoy yourself to now you have to watch your back,” said LaLonde, who has lived in Sooke now for 17 years.

Sooke RCMP argue there’s no risk to the public.

“I would have no problem taking the bus tomorrow, I would have no problem walking on the streets in Sooke,” said Wilcocks.

Back in the hospital, the young men are showing promising improvements, like getting back on their feet, though they’re likely facing a long road to recovery.

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