Golden retriever puppies journey comes full circle, now ready to be adopted


WATCH: An adorable conclusion to a story we first told you about back in September. A litter of golden retriever puppies in need of a foster mom after theirs tragically died after birth. Well, those puppies are doing great at eight weeks old they’re happy, and healthy and now looking for their forever homes. Luisa Alvarez has the story. 

Adorably energetic and nibbling everything, it’s hard to believe the litter of golden retriever puppies in Victoria had a rocky start to life.

The puppies were born during emergency surgery in September, hours after a Bernese mountain dog gave birth to a litter of nine Bernedoodle puppies.

The Bernese mountain dog was nursing her own litter and the golden retriever litter in shifts. But then with help from the public, the Victoria Humane Society found two other dogs to nurse the golden retriever puppies. 

“There was a time we were concerned about them we were worried about them the transition to a new mom and all of that but they did excellently, ” said Penny Stone, executive director for the Victoria Humane Society.

The puppies were getting a perfect score in socialization on Friday. As a random act of kindness, they were brought in to Selkirk Montessori School to surprise a second-grade class.

It has been eight weeks since they were orphaned and now the healthy playful little fluffs are ready to be adopted and begin their next chapter.

“We need to make sure that these are families that are going to want to keep these animals for the rest of their life. They are going to make them part of their family. We do home checks we do interviews we do all of that before they go to their new homes,” said Stone.

Their journey has come full circle but it wasn’t easy and it sure wasn’t cheap. S far in their eight weeks of life, the litter has cost nearly $15,000.

“What we pay for the medical before they go is more than what we charge for an adoption fee so obviously we always need donations,” said Stone.

“Thanks to the public’s support we were able to save these puppies and we would like to continue doing that.”

The humane society has already received hundreds of applications for the dogs but Stone says they are always getting more puppies and are always looking for good homes.

And if you were wondering about their Bernedoodle crate mates, they are also doing well and will be meeting their forever families this weekend.

“They are huge, when you see the golden retriever puppies they are probably double that size at the same age, born the same day, and they are lovely,” said Stone.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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