Going beyond the trail: Victoria woman running for domestic violence survivors

Going beyond the trail: Victoria woman running for domestic violence survivors

A Victoria woman is running the entire Juan de Fuca Trail to raise money for survivors of domestic violence after experiencing it herself as a young child.

“It just feels so rewarding to do it for a different cause,” said Chanterelle Arbic, who’s running the trail.

At the age of five, Arbic says she witnessed domestic violence in her own home, which took a toll on her life and required years of therapy.

“My dad hit my mom,” said Arbic.

Decades after the incident, she’s healed significantly but felt she had the opportunity to help other survivors. After participating in the Goddess Run earlier this year, she learned more about the Victoria Women’s Transition House (VWTH) and wanted to give back.

Now, she’s planning to raise $4,700 in support.

“My hope is to give other women hope, other men hope, other people hope,” said Arbic.

The trail itself is 47 kilometres long and she hopes to raise $100 for every kilometre she completes. She says she’s spent months training, running between 20 to 45 kilometres a week.

“I have had to take some days off work,” Arbic.

She calls her fundraiser “Beyond the Trail” and says the run is more than just being able to complete, but is an opportunity to amplify the voices of survivors.

For Arbic, the trail itself also holds a special meaning to her.

“I was born in ’95 in a cabin that they had built on the trail,” said Arbic.

She hopes this fundraiser will also bring more visibility to the VWTH for survivors. Her run will take place on Sept. 17 and donations can be made via her Facebook page here. Donations directly to the Transition House can be made under her fundraiser through the society’s website.

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