Goggle wearing dogs ride on the back of owners scooter


WATCH: Two nine-year-old Caren Terriers wearing goggles sit calmly riding in the back of their owners scooter cruising at the Esquimalt Lagoon.

Their names are Bud and Ted and they’re probably the coolest dogs you’ll ever see.

The Brothers are almost nine-years-old and have been happily carried on the back of the scooter since they were pups.

Their owner Victoria resident Jeff Woods altered speedo swimming goggles for them to wear to protect their eyes from wind and bugs while cruising.

He also customized the box with harness seat-belts to make sure his beloved pets are safely secured.

“We go as far as Thetis Lake, Sidney, Duncan sometimes but not too often. Basically it’s a fun way to cruise and they love riding back there,” said Woods.

The talented dogs even know how to take their own goggles off using the corner of the box when the ride is done.

“Hundreds of pictures have been taken of those guys and I guess I get in there too,” said Woods.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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