Get Up and Grow: Planting tulip bulbs for spring blooms


In this episode of Get Up and Grow, CHEK’s Hannah Lepine and Gord Nickel, president of Wildwood Outdoor Living Centre, talk about planting tulip bulbs this fall for spring blooms.

Tulip bulbs can be planted in the autumn before the ground gets too cold.

Gord shows Hannah a unique potting setup so while you’re waiting for your tulips, which usually pop out in early or late spring, you can enjoy another plant in the same pot.

Gord shares some other tips with Hannah for growing the delicate flower, like ensuring you are using well-draining soil, planting the bulbs fairly deep, and making sure you deadhead them when needed.

Fun fact: In Holland, in the 17th century, the tulip was so sought after that a single bulb was worth about $3,000 Canadian.

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Hannah LepineHannah Lepine

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