Get Up and Grow: How to grow your own kiwis

Get Up and Grow: How to grow your own kiwis

In this episode of Get Up and Grow, CHEK’s Hannah Lepine and Gord Nickel, president of Wildwood Outdoor Living Centre, talk about growing kiwifruit plants.

First, Gord shows Hannah a hardy kiwi plant. They produce a fruit that looks similar to green grapes but doesn’t have the same sweet taste.

He then shows her the infamous fuzzy kiwifruit plant.

It’s important to note kiwi plants are dioecious, meaning there are separate male and female plants. The male and females must be planted together in order to produce fruit, as the pollens have to cross.

However, there is one female kiwi plant that doesn’t need a male to pollinate, Gord tells Hannah what this one needs for success.

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Hannah LepineHannah Lepine

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