Gas prices jump 25 cents per litre in Greater Victoria

Gas prices jump 25 cents per litre in Greater Victoria

As gas jumped 25 cents per litre, many Victoria residents headed to stations that hadn’t increased their prices yet.

One Petro-Can station was in constant use as drivers rushed to fill up before prices jumped at that station as well.

At Wilson Transportation, owner John Wilson says this latest jump in gas prices adds up to an extra $100 tacked on to the fill-up.

“We don’t let them get to empty so we don’t do that very often,” Wilson said. “But we’re certainly encouraging our drivers now to fill up in the interior, down south, and in Alberta now as well whenever we’re on our multi-days.”

According to the Canadian Automobile Association, B.C.’s gas prices are the highest in Canada.

Canadian Automobile Association’s gas price current provincial averages on Sept. 23, 2022.

In Washington State, drivers pay about $1.34 a litre, and in southwest B.C., Enderby gas is posted on Gas Buddy at $1.61 a litre today

In Greater Victoria, gas jumped a whopping 25 cents Friday to $2.14 a litre.

Wilson has some advice for drivers weary of paying at the pump.

“One way people can conserve fuel is maybe look at taking not only public transport, but some private transport for some of their trips as well,” Wilson said.

Investment analyst, David Schneider, said the pain at the pump is short-lived.

“All commodities are coming down dramatically,” Schneider said. “Unfortunately, especially here on the island, we probably have the highest gas prices in all of Canada, we have a high cost structure, it takes a while for it to come.”

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