Gas prices jump 18 cents in Greater Victoria

Gas prices jump 18 cents in Greater Victoria
Gas prices are now 157.9 cents a litre in the Greater Victoria area.

A sudden and steep price jump at the pumps around the Capital Region is affecting driver’s wallets.

As of Wednesday afternoon, most gas stations were sitting at 157.9 cents a litre, about 18 cents a litre more than where prices had previously been. Prices started going up on Tuesday.

Toronto-based gas and energy analyst Dan McTeague says the price increase has been coming for some time thanks to refinery outages south of the border that supplies gas here.

McTeague says while Greater Victoria Drivers were paying $1.39 to $1.42 a litre, stations were buying wholesale at $1.44.

McTeague also says when prices rise or fall on Vancouver Island, it tends to stick for some time.


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