Funeral held for logging truck driver Ian Fraser

Funeral held for logging truck driver Ian Fraser

WATCH: Grief spilled out of a Duncan church Saturday as hundreds paid tribute to a hard-working man and beloved father who died in a tragic accident in the woods.
Ian Fraser was killed when his logging truck hit a washed out road near Honeymoon Bay on Nov. 15 during torrential rains.

In a tribute to a hard-working man who made his living driving logging trucks, one was parked outside the Duncan church where hundreds gathered to mourn his death Saturday.

“It hits pretty close to home,” said Ian Fraser’s brother Jim Fraser.

The tragic death of Ian Fraser continues to send shock and grief through Cowichan’s tight knit logging community.

“I hear nothing but wonderful, wonderful things about him mentoring young men,” said Marita Rosenlind while greeting mourners to New Life Baptist Church.

“Ian was highly regarded in the industry he drove for 50 years,” said Jim. “And he had a lot of friends and I guess it highlights the dangerous work they do.You know when the loggers go to work, everyday they get in the truck they’re putting their life on the line.”

That’s what happened to Ian, a beloved father, husband and friend in the dark early morning of Nov. 15. When torrential rains knocked out a road he was driving over in his logging truck, he and his truck went crashing into the watery ditch.

“He swerved to avoid the washout and went into [the water]. They always go to high sides with the trucks when they have a problem with the one and in this case, the other side had a big pond of water,” said Jim.

Ian Fraser, a nephew who was named after his now deceased uncle, says the call that he had died is one he will never forget.

“It’s probably not going to sink in completely for a while with all of us.?

Several investigations are now underway to determine what led up to Ian Fraser’s death, but Saturday’s memorial was all about celebrating the man who touched all of their lives.

“A really kind individual,” said Jim.”He loved his wife and daughter very much.”

Their only comfort now is that he died doing what he loved. Ian Fraser was 68 years old.


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