Frustrations mount as many Island communities likely to remain in the dark for Christmas


WATCH: Three days after a major storm, and thousands are still without power tonight. While B.C. Hydro crews have been working overtime, it’s likely many will spend Christmas in the dark. Central Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and Duncan have been hardest hit, Kori Sidaway reports.

Lighting tea lights in a baking pan is one of the more creative ways Joeldine Allen is heating her home.

The Allen family in Duncan is one of 40,000 on the Island still without power since a wind storm-ravaged B.C.’s coastline Thursday. Half a million customers were impacted and B.C. Hydro has been working around the clock to restore power. But many, are still without.

“We do feel forgotten, we’re right here! everyone, businesses, all the houses, even all the houses behind us have power,” said Joeldine.

And the Allens’ say they feel even more in the dark than they already are when it comes to dealing with B.C. Hydro.

“They had said they were aware that there is an outage in the area. And we only get the automated systems, so it’s very frustrating, like where do you go, who do you talk to?” asked Joeldine.

B.C. Hydro called with an update that power had been restored, but the lights weren’t on, and the Allens say the misinformation is disheartening.

“I know it’s a huge storm and they have a lot of cleanup to do, but with at least some type of notification of what’s going on ya, I think they could do a better job,” said Jordan Allen.

Finally, Joeldine got through to B.C. Hydro.

“Can you tell me what’s going on?” asked Joeldine.

“A crew has been assigned, but the crew has not arrived on site yet, so at this moment I don’t have a restoration time for you yet,” said a B.C. Hydro representative on the other line.

Still uncertain about how much longer it will be, Joeldine is mainly concerned for her 79-year-old father, whose lung disease isn’t helped by the constant cold.

“My daughter brought me over here, closer to the hospital because I’m at the age where I can’t run anymore,” said Harman Norris

But Herman is still hopeful things will turn around soon.

“Deep in my head, I say come on light! Come on! Doesn’t listen to me though,” said Norris.

B.C. Hydro says the power could be out a few more days, meaning Christmas for many,may be a little darker, and colder than years before.

Kori SidawayKori Sidaway

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