Frightening incidents put Nanaimo neighbourhood on edge


A Nanaimo neighbourhood is living in fear after several frightening incidents this week that have led RCMP to arrest an erratic neighbour. As Skye Ryan reports, residents with small children are scared to walk the streets and some are even going to stay with family to get away from the increasingly volatile situation.

A Nanaimo mother is terrified for her community right now. She’s asked for her identity to be concealed fearing retaliation but is speaking out as neighbours stay inside their Hospital-area homes, or even leave to stay elsewhere.

Since the erratic, allegedly violent behaviour of a resident near Nanaimo’s Oakley Street has led to his arrest multiple times this week.

“Everybody feels unsafe,” said the Nanaimo woman.

“We’re scared for the safety of our children. This man very clearly needs help. I’d like to see him get the help that he needs.”

Neighbours say this week a young mother and her child were allegedly attacked by him as they walked to school.

They tell CHEK News that day after day they’ve been calling RCMP, seeing him arrested then released the next day to their frustration and fear.

“Absolutely,” said a member of the community Block Watch.

“He’s chased some people, he’s chased a woman pushing a baby carriage.”

“He’s threatened people with violence and he has been kicking vehicles as they drive by. So yeah its been pretty serious,” she added.

Nanaimo RCMP says they hear the residents frustration and are doing what they can.

“Our members have attended on a number of occasions,” said Cst. Gary O’Brien of Nanaimo RCMP.

“At this point the individual is not before the courts, we are monitoring the situation we are working with the community partners but right now we’re asking the neighbours they have to be vigilant,” said O’Brien.

Friday CHEK News met the man that neighbours are all so afraid of. As he ran down the street visibly agitated and towards us, residents went inside.

“I scare neighbours all the time,” he said circling our CHEK News camera and reporter.

“You’re not a danger to these neighbours?,” we asked him.

“Of course not my fine news lady,” he said.

“You’ve been arrested by RCMP several times in recent days,” CHEK News told him.

“We’re concerned about you we’re concerned about the neighbours,” CHEK News continued.

“Oh and then what,” he said before going inside his home.

“I was scared,” said the woman CHEK News had just been speaking to.

“Yeah I was scared,” she added.

Neighbours are pleading for help from RCMP before this situation escalates, as warning signs glow brighter on this quiet street than its Christmas lights.

Skye RyanSkye Ryan

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