Four-year sentence issued for fatal beating in Campbell River in 2020

Four-year sentence issued for fatal beating in Campbell River in 2020
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A memorial was set up outside the bank where Dean Dool was fatally beaten in 2020.

A judge has issued a four-year sentence for a man responsible for fatally beating another in Campbell River in 2020.

On Oct. 15, 2020, Justin Arnet fatally beat Dean Dool downtown Campbell River.

In the ruling, the judge writes that Dool had been drinking in downtown Campbell River and was inside the foyer of a bank.

When he walked outside onto 13th Avenue, Arnet, along with two others, encountered Dool. Arnet and the two others became angry because they believed Dool had made a racist comment to them. The confrontation between the two was caught on CCTV.

The two briefly spoke, then Dool took out a knife and gestured towards Arnet with it. Arnet then punched Dool in the face, and Dool fell to the ground.

When Dool was on the ground, Arnet kicked and punched Dool in the head multiple times.

Arnet then walked away and came back three times, continually kicking and punching him.

Dool later briefly stood but then fell to the ground, hitting his head. Emergency responders arrived shortly after that, but Dool passed away a few days later.

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Arnet pled guilty to manslaughter. Crown asked for an eight-year sentence, while Arnet’s counsel argued a four-year sentence less time served was appropriate.

“Dealing with manslaughter, Mr. Arnet’s use of excessive violence needs to be denounced and deterred,” judge Reginald Harris wrote in the decision.

“I say this recognizing and appreciating the impact of the racial comment and the production of the knife, however, Mr. Arnet went too far. Simply, he continued to inflict violence after Mr. Dool was incapacitated, and he did so when he had an opportunity to walk away.”

Harris said the amount of penalty needed in this case is reduced due to the mitigating factors of the knife and racial comment.

The judge also took into consideration Arnet’s generational trauma due to family members being in residential schools, lack of guidance and support growing up, and abuse that he both witnessed and experienced in life in deciding his sentence.

Since Arnet has been in custody for 760 days, he gets credit for three years served. Therefore he has 10 months left to serve.

Robbery sentence

In the same ruling, Harris also considered a robbery charge against Arnet.

On the morning of Jan. 23, 2021 at 6:30 a.m., Arnet and another male approached Maxine Cook outside the Campbell River Library.

Cook was sleeping and Arnet woke her up. After speaking, Arnet punched her in the face and took her cellphone and backpack, which had her birth certificate and a power pack inside.

Cook says she had sold Arnet alcohol earlier and he wanted his money back. Arnet said Cook had stolen items from his acquaintance earlier and he was getting them back.

“In considering the robbery, I am not satisfied Mr. Arnet approached Ms. Cook with the specific intention to rob her or assault her; rather, as the interaction unfolded he ultimately did just that,” Harris wrote. “Although, the offence was serious, I do observe that it was impulsive. I also observe that his culpability was reduced.”

For the robbery, Arnet was given a six-month custodial sentence to be served after the remaining 10 months in the manslaughter sentence, followed with 24 months of probation.

During his probation, Arnet will have to abide by a number of conditions, including reporting to a probation officer, having no contact with Cook, attending and participating in counselling and programs at the direction of his probation officer, completing 75 hours of community service, and will be prohibited from possessing any knives.

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