Former Victoria care aide accused of sexual assault takes the stand saying everything he did, he did with consent

Former Victoria care aide accused of sexual assault takes the stand saying everything he did, he did with consent
WatchThe trial for a former care aide at Victoria's Aberdeen hospital continued Thursday. Amado Ceniza is charged with three counts of sexual assault and three counts of sexual exploitation of a person with a disability. Luisa Alvarez was in court and has the latest.

Warning: This story contains details that may be disturbing to some people. Discretion is advised. 

Thirty-nine-year-old Amado Ceniza is charged with six counts of sexual-related offences and has pleaded not guilty to all charges.  After two days of hearing from the alleged victims and witnesses, on Thursday, Ceniza was able to tell his version of the events.  The former care aide took the stand arguing he was just doing his job and didn’t take any actions without the women’s consent.

Always ask permission can I give you a wash? Do you need a wash? Do you need lotion in your body because your skin is dry? I always suggest things but I never give if there is no consent,” testified Ceniza. 

Three women, who range in age from mid-50s to late 70s, came forward last July alleging that Ceniza had sexually assaulted them while he was working as a care aide at Victoria’s Aberdeen Hospital. During the trial, the women described how Ceniza rubbed cream on their genitals and two of the women allege he fondled their breasts.

On Thursday, Ceniza testified he was just doing his job and always asked for permission before doing anything.
He said the women would point to their prescription cream and ask him to apply it, pointing to their groin area and their genitals to show him where.

“She pointed to the cream and said put it here on her groin and she also instructed me to put some on the top of her vagina so that is what I did,” testified Ceniza. 

“She was very helpful and instructed me there was a cream and instructed me to apply on her groin and at the same time on the top of her vagina. I followed what she said I did it for her a few seconds I don’t linger too long,” testified Ceniza. 

Ceniza testified it’s part of his job to maintain the integrity of the skin and when he noticed dry areas in the creases underneath the woman’s breasts, he asked for consent before putting lotion on.

Ceniza is accused of touching the woman’s clitoris but when directly asked in court if he did Ceniza said “Never just on the outside surface of her genitals,” testified Ceniza. 

The third woman also alleges Ceniza hugged her and tried to kiss her, something Ceniza denies.

“I never kiss her that’s not part of my routine or practice I’m just doing my job I always try and keep professional as much as possible,” testified Ceniza. 

In cross-examination, the Crown alleges Ceniza’s version of events is not accurate. The Crown also alleges the women did not direct him to apply the cream on their genitals and he did so without asking. The Crown also alleges it was not prescription cream he applied but just regular lotion.

The trial was expected to wrap up Thursday but will reconvene on Monday.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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