Residents of two former tent cities in Saanich are now at Goldstream Provincial Park.

Approximately 30 campers moved to the park on Tuesday evening and were greeted by members of the West Shore RCMP.

The campers had planned to camp at Rudd Park overnight but were not allowed to start setting up until 7 p.m. due to a municipal bylaw. Saanich police were also prohibiting the unloading of larger items, like couches, from the groups’ U-Haul trailers. The trailers were provided by advocates.

Camp organizer Chrissy Brett said the entire trailers would have had to be unloaded in order to get sleeping bags and tents. She also said they chose Goldstream park because people with disabilities can camp for free for up to two weeks.

“And there’s a social housing program that’s willing to help with funding for people who aren’t on persons with disabilities.”

Prior to their stop at Rudd Park, the campers were removed from provincial land near Highway 17 by Saanich police under direction from the  Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. They had been on that land since Friday after being evicted from Regina Park. The group spent five months at Regina Park.