Former Aberdeen Hospital care aide pleaded not guilty to six sex-related charges

Former Aberdeen Hospital care aide pleaded not guilty to six sex-related charges
The trial started Tuesday for a former care aide at Victoria’s Aberdeen Hospital. He’s accused of six sex assault charges that are alleged to have occurred while he was working there. Three women came forward with the allegations last July.

Former care aide Amado Ceniza walked out of the Victoria courthouse Tuesday minutes after pleading not guilty to six charges, including sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a person with a disability.

“Did you pled not guilty?” he was asked.

“Yeah, I have no comment about that,” Cenzia said.

Aberdeen Hospital houses some of Victoria’s most vulnerable, including many seniors requiring long-term care.

A staff member testified Tuesday that a female patient approached her on the afternoon of July 16th, 2018, distraught and wanting to speak in her hospital room. There the patient described an alleged sexual assault where a care aide rubbed her genitals with cream, then lifted up her hospital gown and fondled her breasts.

Then another woman, who was in the same room, alleged the same care aide did the same thing to her. Staff testified that a third female patient reported the same care aide also allegedly sexually assaulted her. All alleged incidents occurred in July.

Amado Ceniza’s lawyer, Cheyne Hodson, maintains his client is innocent.

“The Crown is going to call their case. And we’ll see what happens. As I say, he maintains his innocence. And he’s having a trial on that basis. So that’s how we’re proceeding,” Hodson said.

The three alleged victims range in age from mid-’50s to late ’70s. And they are expected to testify during the three-day trial.

The Crown is arranging transportation for the women when they testify. One of the women is confined to a wheelchair and another cannot climb stairs. At the time of the alleged assaults, all three were receiving treatment for injuries or illnesses. One is now living independently in the community, the other two are living in long-term care facilities.

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