Flooding impacts homes and roads near Nanaimo and Englishman rivers

Flooding impacts homes and roads near Nanaimo and Englishman rivers
WatchFlooding shut down a number of roads and homes were evacuated on mid-Vancouver Island Saturday. Kendall Hanson reports.

Flooding shut down a number of roads while homes were evacuated on mid-Vancouver Island Saturday.

Both the Nanaimo and Englishmen Rivers were among those that spilled their banks. Emergency officials were out to make sure people weren’t stranded.

Firefighters and search and rescue technicians helped numerous people get to safety, after their homes became surrounded by water — Some chose to stay put.

North Cedar Fire Department’s Chief said the flooding from this latest system is far worse than most.

“This is pretty significant and unusual,” said Chief Percy Tipping.

“The last time we had water levels requiring evacuations was way back in 2007.”

The owner of the Riverside Trailer Park says he feels for his tenants whose homes have flooded.

Duane Beausoleil says he discovered he lost a $20,000 cabin he recently built as a future vacation rental.

“It was all done up inside. Hardwood floors and everything. It just floated away.”

Saturday morning people near the Nanaimo river found a number of roads submerged.

Flooding across Cedar road left a neighbour with a new water view from his home.

“It’s beyond impressive actually,” said Gino Dennis. “I can’t say I’ve ever seen it get this high in quite a long time.”

The swollen Nanaimo river saw numerous trees come down.

Raines road looks more like a river and Aikenhead road saw a dramatic rescue at four this morning when two vehicles got stuck. One driver was fleeing his home.

“The river came through the park. there are two feet of water in my trailer so I’m going down to my brother’s in Crofton and I come over that hill and I’m doing maybe 20 kilometres an hour cause I figured there’d be water here,” said Chuck King.

King says another driver in the opposite lane hit the water too fast which “floated her over into my lane and I went over so I wouldn’t be in a head-on collision.”

The van high-centred on the edge of the pavement. A passerby called 911 and firefighters helped retrieve both drivers.

“The flow increased considerably and the level came up two inches while we were actually here so the vehicles weren’t very stable,” said Chief Ron Gueulette of the Cranberry Fire Department.

Several good samaritans decided to pull the car to higher ground this morning. Several Nanaimo Chrysler employees brought a jeep and helped pull the car out.

Gueulette says the current is now eroding the side of the road.

Martindale and Plummer Roads both closed due to flooding near the Englishman River

The waters started receding Saturday morning after the sun came out and the tides began to drop.

Other parts of Vancouver Island were also hard hit. The Cowichan Valley saw a local state of emergency.

B.C.’s River Forecast Centre issued a High Stream Water Advisory Friday.

Kendall HansonKendall Hanson

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