Floating hot tubs heating up local Victoria waterway

Floating hot tubs heating up local Victoria waterway
WatchJust weeks after opening up in Victoria as the first floating hot tub company in the country, business appears hot for Hot Tub Boat Canada. A look into what’s required to get into a tub on the Gorge and what the company plans to do if it continues to heat up the waterways

The owners of Victoria’s newest floating attraction say business has been steady since opening in early July.

“Well honestly we were hit with quite a few bookings off the top so we were happy about that,” says Hot Tub Victoria’s co-owner Tanner McLeod.

The company says it’s the first hot tub rental operation in the country.

The boats can carry up to six people and must be rented for a minimum of an hour-and-a-half at a cost of $65 dollars per person.

For two people, that comes to roughly $190 dollars once the fees are added, which includes a $35 dollar environmental fee.

“It’s basically like an infinity hot tub. You’re just seeing right out on the water, it’s a totally different experience,” says McLeod.

Roz Klein and Keir Cordner were going to go out for dinner to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary but opted for a hot tub in the Gorge after seeing an advertisement along the Pat Bay Highway.

“Yeah I cancelled a nice reservation at a restaurant we had made after we saw the sign,” Keir told CHEK News. “This is going to be better, way more fun.”

The boats come with built-in Bluetooth speakers, a stove which heats the water, a dry bag for items tubbers don’t want to get wet, and two bottles of water per person since alchohol is not permitted.

The water is also cleaned between trips.

Passengers don’t need a boating license and are allowed to float around the Upper Harbour and Gorge waterway.

Victoria is the first market to see the hot tubs but the company says it hopes to expand to Vancouver and Kelowna.

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