Filmmaker inspired by Sooke community and its surrounding beauty


WATCH: An independent filmmaker has chosen Sooke as the perfect backdrop for his new movie. Luisa Alvarez sat down with him Monday, to see why Sooke has such a special place in his heart.

Trevor Holt is starring in his own independent film titled “Beyond four Walls.”

The movie is centred around a man who is dealing with the loss of a loved one.

He then ends up injured and trapped inside a cabin having to fight not only his surroundings but his own mind, as well, in order to survive.

Trevor began writing the screenplay four years ago.

“I was dealing with my own mental health issues before I got here and the character has similar traits to that,” Holt said.

Before moving to Sooke ten month ago, Holt says he was taking care of his grandmother and working on call 24/7 to help troubled youth.

“I would work with the kids at night and take care of her during the day and its just one of those things that taking care of other people all day and all night became too much,” Holt said.

He was then involved in a serious car accident and couldn’t move his arm for 8 months.

That’s when he said the depression and other health issues began.

“Trying to get out of that situation I realized nobody is going to save me. I have to save myself.”

He packed up his things and moved to Sooke with a friend and began to heal ten months ago.

Holt says the people in the Sooke community and the beauty that surrounds it is what helped him get better and that’s what inspired him to revamp the script showcasing Sooke.

“I joke that it’s my own love story to Sooke because I’m using all Sooke locations. I even have people from around Sooke starring in different roles,” said Holt.

The main location for the movie is a cabin.

Holt built it himself and it’s where his character’s drastic 160-pound transformation in the span of 6 months will be shown.

“We will be filming one scene a week to capture that transformation. I’m also going to grow out my beard and hair as well,” said Holt.

The movie has now been filming for 3 weeks entirely in the Sooke region showing off the gems it has to offer.

“Sooke plays a big part and I owe a lot to this place for a lot of this project could be. When this film comes out people who live in Sooke will definitely recognize the locations, I’ve tried my best to take advantage of them,” said Holt.

Holt is staying optimistic hoping the film will get shown at local film festivals, but he says his main goal for the movie is to show his worth as a filmmaker to facilitate his transition into the movie industry.

“When you are starting to join the film business in your late 30’s you know I have a little bit of a stretch to go. But if I can create something and prove my value I can get into the industry a lot quicker,” said Holt.

“Beyond four Walls”  is on track to be finished by next year.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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