Family’s belongings found covered in rat feces after months in storage unit

Family's belongings found covered in rat feces after months in storage unit
WatchRat feces covers family's belonging after sitting in U-Haul storage unit for 2-months

It is a moving day turned nightmare, for a family that found their belongings covered in rat feces in their U-haul storage unit.

“We’re in the process of getting our stuff out and as I’m coming into my locker I see rat poop and rat pee everywhere,” Andrew Wierzbicki, U-Haul customer, said.

Wierzbicki along with his wife and two young children decided to make the move from Calgary to Victoria to be closer to family.

Rat feces can pose serious health hazard issues and for that reason, the move has been put to a halt.

U-Haul provided a statement to CHEK News explaining they were made aware of the situation and will be investigating the locker and the cause of any damage.

“…[U-Haul] will take immediate and appropriate measures to prevent any recurrence if the alleged cause is accurate. The customer was informed of the process for filing a claim through the insurance policy on the locker and its contents,” U-haul, said.

Wierzbicki is thankful he purchased the insurance which is meant to cover vermin issues but says it’s still a huge hassle.

“Moving day is already big enough as it is and now I’ve gotta clean all of my things,” Wierzbicki, said.

The family has now put everything back into storage, still covered in feces, as they await the insurance company to come to take a look.

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