Family of RCMP officer killed in Langford crash reacts to parole decision

Family of RCMP officer killed in Langford crash reacts to parole decision
WatchA reaction from Sarah Beckett's husband as the man who hit and killed Beckett in a drunk driving incident back in 2016 was granted 6-months day parole.

Cst. Sarah Beckett’s family can’t believe the drunk driver that killed her is getting day parole for six months.

”Deep down everyone wants closure but I don’t know how you can get closer out of this for something that failed so miserably for somebody that you could have made an example out of,” Brad Aschenbrenner, Beckett’s husband, said.

Kenneth Fenton is serving a four-year prison sentence for hitting Beckett’s west shore RCMP cruiser in 2016.

Fenton is also currently serving an additional 18-months for a second drunk driving conviction that happened only a month after Beckett’s death.

“They said that the worst-case scenario is meant for the worst-case offender. what is Kenneth Fenton, how much worse can you get than doing this all your life?,” Aschenbrenner, said.

The parole board decision comes after Fenton was given limited day parole to attend a 70-day treatment program for alcohol abuse in the Fraser Valley.

The board cited Fenton’s successful completion of the program, being co-operative with his case manager, and his low risk to re-offend as reasons for granting six-month day parole.

The decision for 6-month day parole comes with a long list of conditions including:

  • Abstaining from alcohol and drugs
  • Following a treatment plan/ program
  • Not allowed to own or operate a motor vehicle
  • Not allowed to be in West Shore communities on Vancouver Island — including Colwood, Metchosin, Langford and Sooke
  • Zero contact with any of Beckett’s family

“The hardest part is every first responder has to drive through that intersection and re-live that every single day.. imagine how they feel that Canada has let them down too,” Aschenbrenner, said.

But the Langford community came together today to support Beckett and raise money for this Langford park in her honour.

“It was devastating for everyone involved and this is the good that can come out of it to remember Sarah for the special person she was and the things she did for our community and let her family know how much we care,” Micky Fleming, CEO and President of Cherish Living Group, said.

“It’s nice to see that there’s going to be a park where her kids can remember mom,” Jim Tenhove, West Shore Rotary Club, said.

The Park will open on August 24th in Langford beside the Westhills Stadium, ensuring Sarah Beckett’s legacy lives on.

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