Taking flying leaps off a Nanaimo sledding hill was a family affair for Al Jenkins and his kids Monday.

“Makes us all feel young for sure!” said the Nanaimo resident.

The Nanaimo father made a point of seizing the snow day since days like this one are so few and far between living on the coast and his kids are quickly growing.

“Yeehah!” yelled Jenkins from a sled.

“Oh to see their smiles and see how happy they are, it’s awesome,” added Jenkins.

And he wasn’t the only one with the idea. Many offices across Vancouver Island’s answering machines rang through to the answering machine, saying they were taking the snow day with their kids.

The slopes of Nanaimo’s Bowen Park was packed, and regardless of the lack of ‘work’, it didn’t look like a day of lost productivity.

“It was exciting,” said 9-year-old Finley Lowe-Peters.

“It was fun,” he said.

Mother nature putting the breaks on regular routines for one wintry day, but letting the wild of childhood come to life.

Skye Ryan