Election fatigue for some voters in Saanich North and The Islands


WATCH: Saanich North and The Islands made B.C. history in 2013 and is set to be a three-way race this election. Isabelle Raghem hears from voters. 

One of the close races that could help decide a final winner in this election is right here on Vancouver Island.

The riding of Saanich North and The Islands was the tightest three-way election in B.C. history in 2013 when less than 400 votes separated first place and third last time.

All eyes will be on the riding as the same three candidates are running again.

It’s also the B.C. riding with the most cast ballots during advance polls, with more than 12,000 early votes.

Voters in the riding say it’s been the talk of the town:

“I was at exercise class and they were talking politics, I was at a family [gathering] and they were talking politics, so there’s lots of discussion out in the community”

“There has been a lot of talk, it’ll be interesting with the high population of seniors”

But for some voters, it’s turned into election fatigue. Here are some of the things voters had to say: 

“Yeah I get tired of it after a while. A lot of talk and not too many changes”

“I think people are a little tired of elections but here’s the difference, I think people understand because of trump that elections count and their vote counts.”

“We don’t get it nearly as bad as Americans do. They go for months and months about it… but I’ll be happy when it’s done”


Voters will have to wait until Tuesday night to find out if the riding will make B.C history once again.



Isabelle RaghemIsabelle Raghem

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