What to expect once the View Royal Casino expansion is complete


WATCH: Sitting at over 30,000 square feet, the View Royal Casino is set to more than double in size after its expansion. It will have more food options and games along with its highly anticipated multi-use entertainment floor. Luisa Alvarez gives us a first glimpse at what you can expect once it’s finished. 

Chris Lynn with The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation says the View Royal casino is almost unrecognizable.

“We’ve got fresh carpet, fresh paint. It is a staggering difference from where we were to where we are,” says Lynn.

The View Royal casino has been undergoing a multi-million dollar expansion for almost a year now and it’s well underway. Several parts of the expansion are now open including a new table game room. but the gaming corporation is hoping to take the facility beyond gaming and turn into an entertainment hub.

” Whether it’s banquets, conferences, whether it’s rock shows, whether it’s gaming, whether it’s food and beverage, we are going to have such a great variety of things to offer our public,” said Lynn.

Two new restaurants with a combined 150 seats will feature four different menus.

In another room, visitors can expect the addition of 220 more slot machines, bringing the total count to nearly 800. Upstairs, there will be 600 seats on multi-use entertainment floor.

The possibilities are endless says Lynn.

“We will be able to have conferences, banquets, rock shows,” says Lynn.

“That’s going to be the destination go-to gaming facility for the region and more of an entertainment centre than it has been in the past,” View Royal Mayor David Screech said.

According to Lynn, the multi-use entertainment floor will have the ability to be broken down into smaller venues when needed.

As it stands the casino is more than 30 thousand sq ft but will more than double in size once all the work is completed.

” The additional square footage is mainly because of the added floor,” said Lynn.

In total, the expansion is creating more than 100 jobs from salary management positions to front and back of house.

” We’ve hired over fifty people and we have about 80 more to go by this spring,” said Lynn.

Those interested are encouraged to apply online through their website.

No official date for the grand opening has been announced but completion is scheduled for some time in early May of 2018.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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