‘Everybody deserves peace’: Rally at B.C. legislature calls for Israel and Palestine ceasefire

A "Free Palestine" rally is pictured at the B.C. legislature on Oct. 29, 2023.

Hundreds gathered at the B.C. legislature building in Victoria with the same uniting “free Palestine” chant on Sunday.

The rally featured a variety of speakers from different backgrounds calling for an immediate ceasefire to end the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

“We’re hoping to at least, for a first step, to start the ceasefire and then maybe we can send a message to our government to be part of this message,” said rally organizer May Shihadeh.

Hamza Dari’s family members were killed in an Israeli bombing only a few days ago.

“Israeli occupation forces had bombed their apartment and so they were all living in that house and the first floor collapsed on all of the people there and they instantly died,” said Dari.

“So a few of their children died so it’s really heartbreaking.”

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A “Free Palestine” rally is pictured at the B.C. legislature on Oct. 29, 2023. (CHEK News)

Dari hopes the rally serves as a platform for Palestinians living in Victoria to make their voices heard.

“It’s important to jump on every single chance we get to share our plight with the world because everybody deserves peace,” says Dari.

The humanitarian cost is what Dari says those at the rally are really trying to get across.

“We don’t want any more loss of life, regardless if you’re Jewish or Muslim or Christian, we’re all human and we all deserve respect and empathy. All of us,” said Dari.

The rally finished with a march looping around the capital, as conflict in Gaza continues.


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