Esquimalt Lions host hundreds at their annual Easter Egg Hunt


It’s probably the one of most fun ways to celebrate the Easter weekend.

Today, hundreds of families showed up at Esquimalt Gorge Park for an annual tradition. The Esquimalt Lions Easter Egg Hunt.

The event also included games, a barbecue, and face painting.

It was all organized by the local lions club chapter, and all proceeds go back to the community.

“I love easter!” said this youngster, hunting for goodies. “It’s one of my favourite holidays!”

“Yup” her friend agreed, “Easter is one of my favourite holidays too!”

When asked if they think they’re very good at finding Easter eggs, the two young girls shook their heads.

“Nope, not at all.”

“So” said the CHEK cameraman encouragingly, “you’ve got to practice, eh, but when do you practice?”

One of the girls eyes lit up! “Well, actually, in our class, when I was at school, we actually did an Easter egg in our class!”

“So you have had some practice!” said the CHEK cameraman with a smile.

The Lions Club provides health care aids to thousands worldwide, including wheelchairs, hearing aids, and glasses.

Veronica CooperVeronica Cooper

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