Emergencies Act talks rejected by premiers, deemed a distraction

Emergencies Act talks rejected by premiers, deemed a distraction
Sources say B.C. Premier John Horgan was forcefully against the Emergencies Act on a call with other premiers, calling it a distraction. (Mike McArthur/CBC)

The Council of the Federation can be divided on partisan and regional lines, but yesterday Canada’s 13 premiers came to a quick consensus on a key message to the federal government: don’t push the Emergencies Act on us.

On Thursday, the federal government sent a letter to provincial and territorial governments consulting on the never-before-used act, a necessary step if Ottawa wanted to pull the trigger on declaring a public welfare emergency amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The premiers talked among themselves after the letter was sent out and ahead of their call with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Thursday evening. Opinions ranged from deep frustration to indifference, according to provincial officials.

B.C Premier John Horgan — whose province has shown progress in flattening the curve of its coronavirus outbreak —  was so angry he used an expletive and called the ordeal a waste of time, sources said to CBC News.

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