The Subaru from the crash resting on top of another sedan (Shane Matic)

The Subaru from the crash resting on top of a sedan (Photo: Shane Matic)

Seven cars were left smashed at a parking lot near Beacon Hill Park Sunday, after an elderly driver’s foot slipped on a gas pedal.

The Victoria Fire Department says they responded just after 3 p.m. to the parking lot near the petting zoo and arrived to find a Subaru Outback resting on top of another vehicle.

Officials say the male driver said his foot slipped and the gas pedal got stuck.

The car made its way through the upper parking lot off Circle Drive hitting cars, before crossing over a curb and ending up on a sedan.

Six cars were hit during the incident.

The elderly male driver was unharmed but his female passenger suffered a sprained wrist — no one else was injured.

Emergency crews say they were relieved as the park was bustling due to the sunny weather.

They add that the man was very apologetic following the incident.