Early morning shed fire alarms Nanaimo residents

Early morning shed fire alarms Nanaimo residents
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A fire early Sunday morning caused quick actions from two Nanaimo residents.

Kimberly Hurry and her husband — who she says works for BC Wildfire — were awakened to the smell of burning paper as a small fire started in their neighbour’s yard just before 2 a.m.

Hurry said she and her husband moved in to try and help with conditions being so dry. She said they began to get water on nearby trees while waiting for Nanaimo Fire Rescue to respond to the fire with her husband on the roof spraying surrounding neighbours’ roofs.

“I was spraying the trees and as the embers would come over I was spraying the lawn,” she said. “But the embers were flowing right down Hammond Bay [Road] right onto Pipers Court.”

The couple having live in the Okanagan for 23 years said they were concerned about the fire spreading quickly.

“Thankful we had rain yesterday, but it’s been so dry we thought we’d better phone 911 right away,” said Hurry. “Just simply because there are bushes between that neighbour, our neighbour beside us and us.”

Fire crews arrived with three trucks to fight the fire and were able to put it out quickly. They say no one was injured, according to Nanaimo Fire Rescue deputy fire chief Jodi Le Masurier.

Masurier said the cause of the fire hasn’t been determined but police don’t believe it is suspicious.

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