Snow surprise: Parts of North Island blanketed by mid-April snowfall


Canadians are no strangers to unpredictable spring weather, but seeing snow on Vancouver Island in mid-April can still raise a few eyebrows. Just ask those living on the North Island, which was hit by a surprise snowfall Monday.

Drivers encountered snowy conditions on Highway 28 between Campbell River and Gold River, as well as on Headbay Road between Gold River and Tahsis, where Mainroad North Island crews were kept busy clearing the slushy snow.

Snow also fell in Sayward on Monday, as well as Highway 19 near Tsitika Summit.

Chris Cowley, general manager of Mainroad North Island, told CHEK News that many areas higher than 300 metres above sea level experienced snow flurries.

And though the ski season at Mount Washington has come to an end, the snow isn’t disappearing just yet.

The mountain was hit with another burst of snow on Monday, featuring snow, blowing snow, and zero visibility.

two people frolic in the snow near a building on Mount Washington

Two people frolic in the snow near a building on Mount Washington Monday, April 17, 2023.

Village resident and snow plow operator Jim Lancaster mentioned that the heavy snowfall began around 9 a.m.

Cam Poklop, a snowboarder from Colorado training with Team BC on the mountain, said even in Canada, he wasn’t expecting this.

“It doesn’t feel like mid-April; winter is in full effect over here.”

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