Downtown Victoria brewery uses artificial intelligence to create beer recipe

Downtown Victoria brewery uses artificial intelligence to create beer recipe

Whistle Buoy Brewery in Victoria’s Market Square has used an artificial intelligence program, ChatGPT, to create a Hazy Pale Ale recipe, and they had it on sale Friday.

“We’ve been playing around with ChatGPT like many people and when we were asking it some silly questions we decided to ask it a serious one to make a beer for us, 10 seconds later it spit out a beer recipe for us that we could use,” says Isaiah Archer, Co-Founder of Whistle Buoy Brewing.

They’ve called it Robo Beer. The beer description and artwork to sell the product were also created by ChatGPT and another AI program called MidJourney. However, the team isn’t giving the computer all of the credit, they’re calling it a collaboration.

“It created a recipe and it had 10 times the amount of grain that needed to go into it, so our brewer looked at that and scaled it to what actually would make sense,” adds Archer.

Robo Beer is described as a fluffy yet fruity Hazy Pale Ale. When asked inside what their thoughts were, all samplers said they would be having another.

“I like Hazy IPA’s, this one was milder compared to some of the wild yeast ones but really nice, kind of fruity tones to it, so big fan,” says Eric Schueller.

“I thought it was fantastic, definitely didn’t know it was created by an AI but was a very lovely beer,” says Josh Chan.

Robo Beer is available on draught and in cans exclusively at Whistle Buoy Brewing and

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