Donnie and Dhali Canucks post-game show to air on CHEK

Donnie and Dhali Canucks post-game show to air on CHEK

After the first home playoff game in years, Canucks fans can turn to CHEK for the Donnie and Dhali Post Game Show.

The post-game show will run for one hour after every Canucks game in the playoffs, with Don Taylor, Rick Dhaliwal and Ryan Henderson showing post-game interviews, analysis and Don’t highlights.

“We are going to have a concentrated Vancouver post game show for the first time in a long time in the west,” Dhaliwal said.

The post game show can be seen on CHEK, CHEK+ or on the Donnie and Dhali Youtube channel.

April 21 at 7 p.m. will be the first playoff game, with the Canucks facing the Nashville Predators.

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Businesses on Vancouver Island are feeling the excitement in the leadup to the game.

“There’s been a lot of buzz in the store with everyone coming in looking for apparel and looking to support their teams in the playoffs,” said Spencer Golden at Kirby’s Source for Sports.

Cameron Barter at The Local said he’s excited to see the Canucks make it this far, and its something he has seen reflected in people coming to the bar to watch the games.

“I’ve been watching all the games the last three seasons where they’ve been great in the second half and not made it so having that success go the whole season and be in and be competitive,” Barter said.

“I’ve had people in the restaurant that I know are fans that have come in the past number of years regardless, but when we’ve got games on on a Friday or a Saturday and the goal horn goes off, people are cheering, people are clapping.”


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