Dinosaur dig: Local company offers hands-on tours

Dinosaur dig: Local company offers hands-on tours
WatchYou've seen dinosaurs in exhibits - but when have you ever been able to hold a T-Rex tooth that's millions of years old in your hand?

A new shipment at Dino Labs in Victoria may just look like a chunk of rock, but hidden beneath is the body of a triceratops that is millions of years old.

“You’re trying to capture what it was like when it was alive,” said Ry Williams, dinosaur erection specialist at Dino Lab.

And like an ancient x-ray, Dino Lab in Victoria uncovers dinosaurs and their stories, underneath.

“You can see the injuries, you can see the life of the dinosaur all within the bones,” said Williams.

“And that’s a story that’s 150 million years old. It’s pretty cool.”

For years Dino Labs has sent their finished fossils to display over the world, but only now are their doors open to the public.

“Almost every child at some point in their life, the coolest thing in their world, is when they learn about dinosaurs,” said Williams.

From Land Before Time, to the Flintstones and Jurassic Park, our fascination with dinosaurs goes way beyond childhood.

And while it’s one thing to watch them depicted on the big screen, or seeing them hang in the museum, it’s another entirely, to hold their history in your hand.

From joe’s to pros, it’s hands-on for everyone who walks through Dino Lab.

“People get to touch and hold real dinosaur bones, it’s really special, you don’t get this opportunity anywhere else in the world,” said Kathryn Abbott, communications manager for Dino Lab.

A little warehouse in Victoria sharing millions of years of history right in the palm of your hand.



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