Dating experts share tips to successfully navigate the modern dating world


Online dating has never been more popular with millions of people in the country turning to dating apps to find love, but many users in Victoria say they find it overwhelming and struggle to find success.

“It definitely can become like a shopping experience because you’re shopping through different profile pics, and you’re reading some details,” said Eddy Baller, a dating coach with Conquer & Win.

“It’s almost like you’re ordering from Amazon,” he added.

While he encourages people to approach others in-person, it appears that’s becoming less common.

“It seems like [dating apps are] the only alternative these days. It’s so hard to find somebody in the real world,” said Kara Vanderbeek, a Victoria resident who uses dating apps.

She pointed out to some of the challenges when it comes to online dating, including the lack of commitment from matches.

Ocean Franks, another local dating app user, agrees, adding that the spark fizzles out after a couple dates.

“There’s lots of people, for sure. You’ve just got to sift. You’ve got to sift, you’ve got to search a little bit,” she said.

“When it comes to dating apps, they almost feel like more of a game than an actual app.”

Some are done with online dating and are looking for a more personal touch — real-life matchmakers.

“I think the psychology behind online dating is that it just never stops. People think the next best thing is coming, but actually no, when you do meet someone special and you got the best, if someone is relationship ready, like our clients here, then they just stop and focus, right?” Bonnie Taylor, the senior matchmaker for Executive Search Dating said.

She and Baller urge single folks to slow down and be selective with who they match and go on dates with.

They advise those who are dating around to know what they are looking for, to work on themselves and take the plunge.
know what you want, work on yourself, and take the plunge.

“You don’t have many dating opportunities if you’re not taking a chance and going and talking to people,” said Baller.

He said too often people miss the opportunity to ask others out in-person and rely too heavily on their devices.

“I think that limits a lot of people because they’re not going to take a chance and meet someone in a normal situation, like when you’re shopping or walking down the street or other scenarios where you can talk to somebody because they’re going to be online and scrolling through photos,” he explained.

While the pandemic has changed the game, pushing people to find love from the comfort of their own home, experts still say rejection and disappointment will be part of the process, but believe everyone’s Valentine is out there

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