Cyclist hit by truck in Langford intersection left with broken ribs and says Christmas is ruined


WATCH:  A Langford cyclist is telling his story after getting hit by a pickup truck Friday. Craig Galbraith, who is on disability, says he had bought the bike to help him get to jobs and make some money in time for the holidays. But as he recovers from his injuries he says the city needs to step up and make the current infrastructure safer for vulnerable road users. Luisa Alvarez has more. 

The last few days have been tough for 60-year-old Craig Galbraith after getting hit by a pickup truck early Friday morning.

He was riding his brand new electric bicycle at the intersection of Millstream and Treanor Ave in Langford when a truck on Millstream turning left onto Treanor hit him from the side. Galbraith was sent to the hospital with several broken ribs.

“I was flying through the air doing helicopters and landed about twenty feet away from where he hit me,” said Galbraith.

And in that same instant, his brand new electric $4,000 dollar bike was ruined.

Galbraith doesn’t have a lot of money, he is on a disability pension and saved up for months to afford the down payment. He was only able to buy it on a layaway plan and had finally paid it off after making payments all summer.

“Its a big deal to me that’s like somebody buying a new Porche or something for the first time,” said Galbraith.

But more than the money it cost him what made the bike so important was what he was using the bike for.

It was his only form of transportation and having it allowed him to do odd jobs nearby as a handyman to supplement his income.

Having extra money this year was especially important as a brand new grandfather to a little girl who lives in Vancouver.

“What I wanted to do was go visit my family,” said Galbraith “I was going to bring her first Christmas present.”

But now, after getting hit Galbraith says he can’t afford to go, so on top of the constant physical pain he’s in Galbraith says he’s mostly heartbroken.

“Can’t do nothing about it now this guy who ran me down doesn’t realize what he’s done to me and my life,” said Galbraith.

But beyond his Christmas being ruined Galbraith says he is speaking out because he wants something to change.

“I’ve never lived in a more dangerous area anywhere in Victoria,” said Galbraith.

He says the West Shore is lacking infrastructures like crosswalks and protected bike lanes and next time it could be worse.

“One of these days some little kid is going to get run over and if that’s what they are waiting for it will happen, believe me,” said Galbraith.

Friends of Galbraith have started a go-fund-me-page to get him to Vancouver to see his family and help him financially while he heals.

The Driver involved in the collision remained on the scene and spoke to police. At this point, police say he has not been charged or ticketed but the investigation is ongoing.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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