CRD warns of blue-green algae alert at third Greater Victoria lake

CRD warns of blue-green algae alert at third Greater Victoria lake
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The Capital Regional District is warning residents of another toxic blue-green algae bloom at a local lake.

On Tuesday, the CRD issued a blue-green algae alert for Durrance Lake in Central Saanich.

It’s the third toxic algae alert to be issued in Greater Victoria since mid-October.

Earlier this fall, blue-green algae alerts were posted for Thetis Lake and Elk Lake, both of which are still active as of Wednesday.

Residents are advised not to swim in lakes where blue-green algae alerts are in effect, and to prevent pets from swimming or drinking from the lakes.

Blue-green algae is toxic and can cause a range of symptoms in humans if ingested – such as headaches and abdominal pain – and cause lethal liver damage in dogs.

Anyone who thinks they came into contact with blue-green algae is advised to thoroughly bathe with soap and water. If symptoms start to arise, then seek out a healthcare provider immediately, according to the CRD.

Meanwhile, if you suspect your pet has ingested blue-green algae, contact your vet immediately.

The algae is usually visible as a blue and green sheen on the surface of the water, but the CRD says the blooms may still be present even if they’re not easily spotted.

The alerts will be lifted if the CRD finds low traces of the algae in two consecutive water tests, and after it consults with Island Health to confirm there are no risks.

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