Courtenay woman asking for refund after wedding dress locked up due to COVID-19

WatchA Courtenay woman is pleading for a refund on her wedding dress after she had to get married in jeans because the dress was still locked up in the bridal store due to COVID-19.

Marilyn Strachan fell in love with the wedding dress she was going to marry her longtime boyfriend Jason in.

So she splurged and paid $1,000 in a final sale at Nanaimo bridal shop Dream Dress for Less. Then the pandemic hit and before she got to pick up the dress, it was locked away in the store.

“They didn’t offer any curbside pickup, anything. It was just no you can’t have it till we reopen,” said the Courtenay woman.

So wearing jeans and a borrowed veil on May 16, she got married anyway, trying to make the most of the day.

“I wore jeans and a T-shirt,” said Strachan.

“And it’s all we could do.”

Now the store has told her to come and pick up the dress that she’s already paid for, but Strachan is asking for a refund since it never left the store and was never altered.

According to Strachan, while it was a final sale, she thinks under the circumstances that policy should be changed.

“I spent $1,000 on the dress and I don’t even get to wear,” said Strachan.

“It just doesn’t seem fair.”

Dream Dress for Less didn’t respond to our repeated requests for comment, but in correspondence with Strachan, revealed there are many other people in her same position. Strachan is urging people to check a store’s refund policy before buying.

Skye RyanSkye Ryan

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