Courtenay man looking for owner of box of slides he found in parking lot

Courtenay man looking for owner of box of slides he found in parking lot
WatchThe box contains over 200 photo slides with pictures of people and vacations dating back to the early 1970s.

Clayton Rogers is hoping he can finally get a box of photos back to its rightful owner.

“Hopefully they’re out there because I have a lot of their family history,” he told CHEK News Monday.

Rogers found the box last summer in the parking lot at Walmart in Courtenay. It was laying on the raised walkway leading to the front door.

“We went into Walmart and when we came out it was still there so I thought I’d take a look,” Rogers added.

And what he found surprised him. Over 200 photo slides, neatly boxed and labelled, most of them taken in the 1970s.

Labels like “Florida 1975” and “Vacation 1976, horseback riding in PEI” and “Vacation 1976, Quebec City and New Brunswick.”

“Yeah it’s mostly trip photos it seems like,” said Rogers. “It’s basically that entire decade worth of photos. They took a lot of photos.”

He says it was odd to find the box just sitting there but adds no one seemed to even notice it.

“No cars around, no people around, nobody cared about them, nobody looked,” he said. “There were no RV’s anything and so I was like I don’t just want to leave them here.”

The photos feature different people over the years and vacations in Canada and to warm, sunny climates.

Rogers wishes he’d done something with them sooner but he hopes someone will recognize the people and come forward.

“It’s unusual to have that many slides. Couple hundred slides. They’ve documented their entire decade of trips. That’s just a lot of effort,” he added.

Clayton Rogers can be reached at cfrinsidney [at]

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