“I just want to ask questions about these court documents that have come out, Mr. Mullen? About your time at the casino.”

These two men, the special advisor to the Speaker, Alan Mullen, and the Speaker, Darryl Plecas, did not answer that question from CHEK and are still not talking. They are refusing to answer any questions about the removal of the clerk of the legislative assembly and the sergeant-at-arms from the B.C. legislature, and Mullen’s work history.

Court documents show Mullen worked for the Great Canadian Casino beginning in 2004, for 3-and-a-half years. He worked his way up from a security guard, to shift manager until his firing in 2007.

He then sued because the company failed to offer a fair compensation package, and for terminating him in a callous, abrupt and humiliating manner.

But Great Canadian Casino’s countered that in 2006, Mullen received a four-day suspension for being drunk at work. And when he submitted a claim for 452 hours of overtime without supporting documents.  They fired him in 2007.

The suit was dropped or settled out of court.

The legislature is now on its Christmas break, meaning politicians won’t be back until mid-February. There likely won’t be any answers before then as an investigation continues leaving Craig James, and Gary Lenz in limbo.   With many questions outstanding, Plecas and Mullen are refusing to answer any of them.

Mary Griffin