Parksville couple says former tenant sells law services illegally: ‘Don’t want anyone to be hurt again’


A Parksville couple is warning the public about a former tenant who they say is illegally selling law services.

The Willards say they’re out thousands of dollars in rent and are concerned for those who may think Daniel Lozinik is running a legitimate business.

“$12,000, so we are four months behind in rent,” said Marcus Willard.

The couple leased out their Parksville home for six months to Lozinik, who convinced the pair that signing a lease agreement wasn’t necessary.

“He’s like, ‘I won’t sign this agreement,'” recalled Willard.

“He showed us his angelic law website, and he showed us why he doesn’t sign these types of agreements, and, somehow, he convinced us because he said, ‘What I’ll do is give you $3,000 right now.'”

The couple says at first, the tenancy seemed to be going well — until they learned someone in their community paid Lozinik $5,000 for law services that provided no value.

“I just don’t want anyone to be hurt again,” said Willard.

“I want people to be very well aware of someone masquerading around telling people that he can get them off their mortgage, off of credit card debt, off of their foreclosure scenario.”

A BC Supreme Court order against Lozinik bans him from practicing any form of law, while another document states that he was ejected from an Alberta courtroom just last year for trying to disrupt the process.

‘There could be more’

After Lozinik moved into the Willards’ property, they learned others had transferred money to him via his website.

“I know personally two of them, but I’ve heard of at least half a dozen of them that we’re aware of, and there could be more,” added Willard.

CHEK News spoke to one 65-year-old woman in Parksville who did not want to be identified. She says she gave Lozinik $3,000 USD to deal with some mortgage documents, and what she got in return did nothing to aid her situation.

Lozinik declined an on-camera interview but, in a phone interview, said the home he rented wasn’t as advertised, so he felt it wasn’t worth the rent. He also said he hadn’t scammed anyone, and he claims law-abiding people don’t have to pay income tax.

The Willards say they’ve learned the hard way how important it is to have signed agreements and thoroughly check people’s backgrounds before leasing out a property.

Kendall HansonKendall Hanson

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