Cougar caught on camera visiting Qualicum beach backyard

Cougar caught on camera visiting Qualicum beach backyard

 A close encounter with a cougar has left a homeowner in awe near Qualicum Beach.

The big cat showed up in Kathie Black’s backyard Wednesday evening just feet from their home. 


 Kathie Black gets goosebumps, just thinking about it.

“You know there’s a whole mix of feelings when you realize how close it is, because it really is maybe 10 or 15 feet from your front door and it was daylight,” says the Qualicum Beach resident.

When the cougar she and her husband have considered a quiet neighbour to their Qualicum Beach acreage for over a decade made a rare up close visit Wednesday evening, just minutes after Black’s husband Len and their dog were out there.  The Black’s basement renter grabbed his camera to capture the stunning up close images.

“Beautiful. She’s beautiful,” says Black, thankful that her husband and dog had just come in the house.

“That would have been terrifying to be outside, but these guys were inside so there’s that block of the glass that protected them because it would be terrifying to be that close because it’s only about 15 feet between the house and where she was standing,” says Black.

The area backs onto French Creek but also neighbours a new housing development and Morningstar Golf Course. Here deer are as regular a sight as active seniors.
So Black hopes the big cat will keep living peacefully in the ravine they’ve known her to roam in for the past 15 years, feeding on the ample deer, without any problems, with people.

“None of us want anything to happen to those big beautiful animals,” says Black.

With pictures now to fully appreciate who her family’s been sharing this piece of paradise with for as long as thy’ve lived here.

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