Convicted child rapist and murderer at Vancouver Island prison applies for parole

Convicted child rapist and murderer at Vancouver Island prison applies for parole

Warnings: This story contains graphic details

Behind bars at Metchosin’s William Head Institution is 55-year-old Richard Charles Joyce.

On Thursday, the convicted murderer and serial child rapist was reviewed for his legislated full parole parole and escorted day passes during a hearing, but was denied.

One of his victims, Kerri Kehoe, says he should never be released.

“He has a history of violence against women and children,” Kehoe said from her home in Kingston, Ontario.

Kehoe was just 11 years old, on her way to meet her cousins to go swimming, when Joyce abducted her and took her in his car to a forest.

“I can still recall my heart pounding and only the sound of branches breaking under our feet. We were so deep in the forest, I didn’t see light anymore,” she said.

That’s where Joyce repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

“It was pure evil. Like, I was at the mercy of evil. And it felt very evil,” said Kehoe.

Joyce raped three children and murdered the mother of three, Margaret Yvonne Rouleau, more than 30 years ago in Kingston, Ontario.

Peter Forbes, assistant warden management services at William Head Institution,  says that Joyce is permitted to work outside the prison walls. But, he must stay on the grounds and is under constant supervision.

Kehoe says he is too great a risk to the public because he could potentially walk away from the prison grounds, and because he admitted he still has fantasies about children at the parole hearing.

“He said that he still fantasies about prepubescent young girls. We just went over all his crimes,” she said.

Kehoe says Joyce should never have the opportunity to hurt anyone again, and will be at his next parole hearing in five years.



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