‘Constant Frustration’: Langford roundabout endangering school students

'Constant Frustration': Langford roundabout endangering school students

Just below PEXSISEN Elementary School is a roundabout that could make your head spin, and some local crossing guards in the area are blowing the whistle — calling it dangerous.

Now, the school district is implementing some changes to make the area surrounding the school safer. One of the changes involves altering the recommended routes for students travelling to and from the school.

Back in March, the school district sent out a press release pleading for drivers in the area to slow down and obey the crossing guards.

Despite these efforts, there hasn’t been a lot of change in driver behaviour. Kailey Sutherland, a crossing guard near the school, said some people just don’t respect the rules.

“Most people are speeding through. They’re not paying attention to the lights, and they are not stopping. We’ve had people shake their heads at us and say, ‘No! Not stopping!’ and just fly right through.”

Superintendent Scott Stinson says the district has been forced to take matters into its own hands.

“Moving [crossing guards] away from the higher challenged spots, particularly in the roundabout, allows us to have greater driver visibility of our crossing guards, greater visibility of the illumination that comes with the pedestrian-activated cross-walk. It moves students to a less busy side of the road as well,” said Stinson.

In an email sent Wednesday to the parents of PEXSISEN Elementary School and Centre Mountain Lellum Middle School, the district says that in addition to moving the crossing guards, they will also add a temporary fourth guard and re-distribute crossing guards to different routes around the school to better protect students and staff.

While the new routes are merely suggestions, the district says since drivers don’t seem to be getting the message, this may be the safest way to get your kids to and from school each day.

They’re hoping this may finally put those fears at ease. The changes take effect May 1.

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