Concert for Dylan Willows fills up Victoria’s Royal Theatre


Popular radio personality Dylan Willows is being celebrated by family, friends and listeners with a two-night concert at the Royal Theatre.

As a host of 91-3’s The Morning Zone for close to two decades, Willows also led The Zone’s Band of the Month program advocating for countless Victoria acts. Some of them have united for the special event.

“It’s an absolute honour to be opening up tonight. All musicians playing tonight owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dylan; we love him,” said musician Mike Hann.

The Dylan Willows Celebration fundraising concert is a way for everyone he touched both on and off-air to say thank you for two decades of service and commitment to the community.

“Dylan’s done so much for our music community, and we just wanted to put something together to do a little bit to give back to him,” said Morgan Brooker of Blue Heron, the event organizer.

Willows remained with The Zone until his emotional sign-off in February, when listeners heard the news that the cancer he thought he beat two decades ago had returned.

“When you hear his voice you can just feel it in your soul. So when he said that it hit me in the soul. It was very touching and moving,” said Jack Ramsey who went to high school with Dylan.

Willows’ radio partner for 16 years, Jason Lamb hosted the event and thanked the audience for their support.

“Tonight’s not about sad weepy stories; a bunch of crying, although crying is probably gonna be happening. We’re here to celebrate the man who’s done so much for the community,” said Lamb.

Current Swell, Jon and Roy, Miina, the Bankes Brothers, Astrocolor (duo set), Vince Vaccaro, Liinks, Acres of Lions, Tyler Harvey and Mike Hann, and Deep Sea Gypsies, and Jesse Roper (via video link) have all signed up to perform for what was supposed to be a one-night event only but due to high public demand for tickets, another show was added.

“Dylan Willows sold out the Royal Theatre for two nights. Dylan’s like the Taylor Swift of Victoria,” said Lamb.

All proceeds from the Dylan Willows Celebration concert will be donated directly to Willows and his family.

An online auction, featuring a number of items and events, has also launched to help raise funds for the Willow’s family.


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