‘Completely unacceptable’: Vancouver Island MLA says anti-vaccine protesters targeted her home

'Completely unacceptable': Vancouver Island MLA says anti-vaccine protesters targeted her home

North Island MLA Michele Babchuk called it “completely unacceptable” when members of the public decided to protest outside her home, according to a Monday Facebook post.

“Lawful, peaceful protests are an important part of our democracy and a good way for me to connect with our community members about the issues they are facing and care about,” she wrote.

“Those lines were crossed when, on Saturday, around 20 people, opposed to public health orders to protect us from COVID-19, decided to protest at my home.”

Babchuk said she’s seen her fair share of protests on the sidewalk outside of her office and is happy to converse with community members about their ideas, but the protests “have escalated from lawful and peaceful to downright shameful.”

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“They have forced their way into my community office, all without following COVID-19 protocols and put my staff and other people I was meeting with at risk. And this past weekend, they escalated even further and protested outside my home,” she wrote.

“This is completely unacceptable. My staff, my family, my neighbours and I all have a right to a safe workplace and to be safe at home,” she continued.

She continued to say that she strongly condemns the actions of the protesters.

“The RCMP were called on both occasions, and these issues will now proceed through the courts.”

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