Comox Valley Ground SAR rescues injured hiker

Comox Valley Ground SAR rescues injured hiker

An 18 year-old man was rescued from Divers Lake in Strathcona Provincial Park after he suffered a serious foot wound.

The Comox Valley Ground Search and Rescue team was mobilized Saturday afternoon after receiving a report of an injured hiker.

“We received the indication from his hiking partners that he was not able to walk. ” said Comox Valley Ground SAR’s Scott Larsen.

The four hikers from the South Island had gone to Strathcona Park for a weekend of hiking and had stopped at Divers Lake.

That’s when the injury occurred.

“The injury was a result of him trying to cut a walking stick and he cut his foot badly through his boot and into his foot.” said Larsen.

The axe he was using nearly severed at least one toe.

Fortunately, his friends were able to administer first aid as they waited for help to arrive.

Search teams went in by helicopter and on 4X4 UTV’s. Crews also took an inflatable kayak which they used to reach the injured man on the shore of Divers Lake.

“They travelled along the lake after they inflated it and they were able to access him right away” added Larsen. “The idea of the kayak was, if we had to we would move him to a more accessible spot for the helicopter.”

The helicopter flew the victim to a waiting ambulance near Raven Lodge on Mount Washington.

The entire mission took three hours to complete. There’s was not an update Sunday on the condition of the man.

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