Comedian Chelsea Handler bares all when hitting the slopes in B.C. to celebrate birthday

Comedian Chelsea Handler bares all when hitting the slopes in B.C. to celebrate birthday
Photo: Chelsea Handler/Twitter
Comedian Chelsea Handler glides down B.C. mountain in nothing but a bandeau-style top and bikini bottoms to celebrate her 47th birthday. Sunday, Feb. 25, 2023.

American comedian Chelsea Handler wasn’t scared to bare it all when celebrating her birthday by skiing down a British Columbia mountain dressed in an outfit more suitable for summer.

Handler turned 48 on Saturday and, to mark the special occasion, travelled to ski destination Whistler where she was filmed sliding down the slopes sporting black bikini bottoms and a bandeau-style top with Canadian and American flags.

“I’m leaving here and I’m going to Whistler,” Handler told Jennifer Hudson on the Feb. 20 episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show. “This is where I go for skiing. I love skiing, skiing is my passion.”

She eventually filmed her experience on the alpine and her social media engagement peaked shortly after.

“48! Salud!” Handler captioned the video, which was posted to her Instagram and Twitter pages, viewed millions of times and met with a flood of reactions, including from actor Jennifer Aniston who commented “INDEED” followed by fire and heart emojis.

Before posting her now-viral video, Handler took to Twitter where she uploaded a photo of herself dressed in a pink robe and ski goggles and holding a ski and ski poles while sitting on a snowmobile.

“Getting ready for my birthday!” she captioned the photo.

But travelling to B.C. for her birthday has become the norm for Handler, who explained her travel plans during her appearance on Hudson’s talk show.

“Every year, I film a birthday video celebrating myself skiing topless down a mountain,” she said. “I have a margarita in one hand and a joint in the other. Every year, it’s become kind of a ritual for me. Like every year, I have to kind of up it.”

In 2022, Handler was likely a little chiller when shredding the gnar in Whisler for her 47th — in a video, she’s seen even barer, dressed in pasties and bikini bottoms.


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