CHEK Upside: Cobble Hill musician hitting all the right notes for Island seniors

CHEK Upside: Cobble Hill musician hitting all the right notes for Island seniors
WatchShelley Vaags has started a music live stream for island seniors locked in isolation.

It’s a community brought together by music. Shelley Vaags started a Facebook group called Live, Senior Singalong to bring together seniors who are on lockdown.

It’s a cause Shelley has a special connection to.

“I’ve always sang for seniors all my life and I also played for the group homes in and they’ve been tuning in. So it’s been a whole circle of people just wanting to hang out and music is the tool,” Vaags said.

Each Facebook live session starts at 1 o’clock on the dot and normally wraps up by two. There are requests, special guest appearances by some of Shelley’s family and funny hats. It’s all to bring a little joy to those who need it most.

“It’s turned into sort of a sing-along for anyone who wanted to join in, not just seniors. Now the seniors homes some of the caregivers are figuring it out and helping them put it up on the computer so that 4 or 5 of them can watch it at the same time.”

Vaags, who is also behind the Special Woodstock music festival in the Cowichan Valley, is getting as much enjoyment interacting with her fans, friends and family over the internet as she would in person.

“To be able to chat with people for an hour a day from all over the world. We’ve got like from Holland and Syria. Lots of places are tuning in where we get the chance to chat with each other,” said Vaags.

Anyone wanting to join in on the fun is encouraged to tune in daily on the Live, Senior Singalong Facebook page.

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